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International Actors Urge Cooperation to Leave “Peace as a Legacy for the Future Generations”

<[1] Fareed Shawky who died from a missile strike said “Please do not bury me”>

A War Silenced by the Globe

On October 13, 2015, six-year-old Fareed Shawky in Taiz, Yemen, and his friends were playing with a ball in his front yard as usual. Then all of a sudden, a missile was dropped to the house with a roaring sound and in a flash, his house was in chaos. Fareed with shrapnel lodged in his head was raced to the hospital by motorcycle. The boy cried out in a low voice shaking with fear by saying, “Please do not bury me.” Fareed was ultimately buried in a cold graveyard shortly after.

In 1994, the first civil war broke out in Yemen after Royalists of the existing reign was retreated by the coup by Republicans. Since then, great and minor scales of conflict occurred, and it led to a proxy war since the Shia supported by Iran and Sunni Saudi-led coalition against Houthi rebels were formed. According to BBC, this war is known as ‘Silence of War’ since the world major media paid less attention compared to the gravity of the situation.

The horrors of civil war in Yemen

<[2] Yemen is hard to receive clean water due to water shortage >

<[3] An old woman being treated for cholera>

By the statement of the UN, 2.6 million Yemenis, approximately 10% of Yemeni population fell to refugees after losing their residence. Also, patients are placed not in proper treatment and people have been exposed to the polluted water since hospitals and sewage plants were destroyed during the long-term disputes.

The efforts of International Society to overcome the damage of war in Yemen

The United Nations held a ‘High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen’ attended by senior figures in 60 international organizations and NGOs from 72 countries in Geneva on 25 April 2017. They alarmed the seriousness of the situation caused by civil wars and stressed the necessity of resuming conversation among all the parties for peace and recovery of stability through the recognition that only political solution is the answer to settle the disputes.

<[4] The UN says the situation in Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world>

Some experts emphasize that the fundamental approaches are necessary to put an end to repetitive conflicts. “Along with binding mechanisms including international agreements and legal framework in the country, creating a culture of peace that promotes the mindset of peacebuilding through the participation of all sectors of life is of tremendous importance to achieve immediate ceasefire and sustainable peace,” emphasized Mr. Ian Seo, general director of department of public relations, HWPL HQ.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) under the UN ECOSOC advocates global campaign for conflict resolution through the cooperation among states to establish respect on international agreements, promotion of religious freedom and ethnic identity, and spreading a culture of peace through education and media. The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) drafted by HWPL designates the aforementioned provisions and has been introduced in governments and international governmental organizations.

<Yemen has the second largest number of the DPCW supporting signatures in the Middle East>

“Increasing the national defense budget and the military power of some countries will have an influence upon other countries. Furthermore, these things will continually threaten the world peace. We support all the laws that limit the proliferation of armaments and contribute to the promotion of the world peace,” said Mr. Ayoub, Chief of Improve Your Society (ISYO) in “Piece of Peace” held in Sana, Yemen with 160 participants from 5 NGOs.

Mr. Hrant Bagratyan, the former Prime Minister of Armenia, said “The DPCW will be a good instrument against extremism, terrorism, war, and associations that will be a good base for the sustainability of peace” regarding the DPCW.

“We all have to support what we have to do with all the same hearts. It is for living. Will you leave money and authority to our future generation who will live in this global village? There is nothing better than leaving a legacy to the future generation after achieving the world peace,” emphasized Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL.

<The “Open Days for Art” is held to raise the awareness of peace in Yemen & South Korea>

(** ‘Open Day of Art’ is an annual campaign that Mr. Murad Subay known as a street peace artist suggested. This time, Mr. Murad Subay suggested collaborating this project with HWPL. Regardless of the nationality, anyone who loves peace can express and perform the thoughts and idea on the wall.)

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by MAGP, Republic of Korea


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