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Special Focus

2nd Conference for Global Peace Media Network

International Peace Media Community “Peace Initiative”

8th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit Result Report

Peace as an Institution: A Foundation for Sustainable Development

Promoting Peace in Hearts and Minds

H.E. Dr. Moncef Marzouki
2001 – 2011 : Chairman of Congress of the Republic Party
2011 – 2014 : President of Tunisia
2015 – Present : Chairman of Harak Tounes Al Iraada Party

What legacy did North-South Korea Inter-dialogue leave behind?

Starting the Kim Jong-un’s regime from 2012, North Korea dedicated all its efforts and resources into the development of nuclear weapons. It pressed on with launching several nuclear missiles and tests, thereby threatening the neighboring countries. North Korea also stated itself as nuclear nation in its constitution.

‘A Public Enemy’: Pan-Religious Statement Alarms Extremist Move of the Christian Council of Korea

On December 28 (2019), about 50 prominent South Korean religious leaders issued a joint statement declaring the Presbyterian pastor Rev. Jun Kwang-hoon as a “public enemy” with sacrilege and criminal activities, as concern and controversy are coming from his hate speeches and anti-government activities.

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