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Peace Journalism Studies

Volume 2 Number 1 2023

Volume 1 Number 1 2022

Special Words

Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, Republic of Korea


1. Innocent Yuh, Regional coordinator of Cameroon Association of Media Professionals (CAMP) South West Region Cameroon, Cameroon

2. Rana Setiawan, Chief Reporter of Mi'ra Islamic News Agency (MINA)

3. Oral Ofori, Digital media producer, Freelance Journalist, Founder of TheAfricanDream company, USA

4. Tuty Purwaningsih, Director of Jurnalis Media Desa Nusantara(JMDN), Indonesia

5. Hendry Nursal, Editor-in-Chief of, Indonesia

6. Lok Bahadur Chaudhary and , Founder Publisher and Editor of, Sub-editor of Gorkhapatra Daily, Nepal

Pramod Kumar Tandan, Journalist of Rising Nepal, Nepal

7. Alpha Oumar Diallo, General Administrator of Verite224, Guinea

8. Ihor Shevyrov, Journalist and Lawyer, HWPL Publicity Ambassador, Ukraine

9. Rommel Santos Diaz, President of the Dominican Federalist Foundation, Dominican Republic

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